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Yes, when you purchase eXRcise, you get all the basic content of exercises and workouts, as well as access to all the updates.

You will not have access to other additional content from new features that will be implemented in the future.

At the moment, eXRcise stores the progress data for a single user, but it can be used by several people, as long as they remember that when they change users, in order for eXRcise to ensure exercise measurement, they must repeat the calibration process from the Settings section and pressing Recalibrate button, or from the quick access from the start menu.

Anyway, the calorie count and the exercise performed will be added to the same statistic.

Yes, if you wish to replay the Guided mode, you can do so from the exercise details screen.

There is a button with an icon at the top right of the screen:

eXRcise is available in English and Spanish, but you cannot currently switch between the two languages from within the application.

To do it so, you will need to set one of them in the System Settings screen of your Meta Quest headset.

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