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Here’s our second update

On April 17th, eXRcise is ready to transform your workout routine with the release of Update 2. With a series of significant improvements and new features, we’re raising the bar for virtual reality fitness, making it more immersive, accessible and social. Here’s a look at what’s to come.

Graphical improvements to all scenarios

We are pleased to announce that Update 2 will include graphical enhancements to all of our scenarios. We’ve worked hard to make every environment, from the moon to the beach, look better than ever. These visual enhancements will enrich your training experience, making it more immersive and motivating.

Introducing “Visual Mode”

For those looking to perfect their technique, the new Visual Mode will be a revolutionary change. This feature will provide you with visual cues during your workout, ensuring that every movement is executed with precision. It’s like having a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home, guiding you towards perfect form and reducing the risk of injury.

Online Mode, train together

The new Online Mode allows you to join fitness classes and training sessions together with friends or users from all over the world. This functionality turns every session into a shared experience, adding an element of community and healthy competition to your fitness routine.

New Workout Plans and Trainers

Update 2 brings with it new training plans, created to suit a wide range of goals and skill levels. With them, you’ll be able to complete different goals in a set period of time, allowing you to start training each day knowing in advance the exercises you need to do.

In addition, we are expanding our team of virtual trainers, giving you even more variety to guide your workouts.

Mark your Calendar!

The release of Update 2 on April 17 promises to be a milestone in the evolution of eXRcise. Get your VR goggles ready for an enhanced fitness experience, more personalised than ever before. We can’t wait for you to explore all the new features and improvements we have prepared for you.

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